Trial Consultants

At KT Designs we understand the importance of preparing for trial and the time it takes to do so.  As full service trial consultants, our team members are ready to help with anything you may need from beginning to end.

KT Designs has years of experience aiding in witness preparation and developing winning strategies for case presentation, ensuring your trial progresses smoothly.

Being available in the courtroom and war room allows us to adapt to your needs fast.  From discovery to verdict, KT Designs is ready with everything you need.

Trial Consultants

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About the Company

KT Designs, LLC is a privately owned company that opened its doors in late 2007 to offer a range of consulting services for the legal and corporate industries. At its core, KT Designs is built on the belief that our clients deserve the best representation without having to break the bank. We embrace technological advancements that save clients both time and money while seeking out and partnering with the most accomplished talent in the trial consulting industry.