Trial Technology

Trial technology is an invaluable asset for many practice areas, and having a competent technician on hand at court is crucial for any attorney who chooses to use modern technological aids in presenting a case.  Our experienced technicians have the kind of know-how that only comes from working hundreds of cases throughout the United States.  No matter where your next trial is being held, KT Designs’ hand-picked trial technicians can provide all you’ll need to make your case:

  • Our robust hardware and software is compatible with courtrooms throughout the country; from laptops to projectors, we’ve got you covered.
  • We provide onsite setup, support & troubleshooting.
  • Our years of experience ensure a smooth presentation on your end.

Has something unexpected come up?  Need last minute adjustments? Not a problem! In the war room and in court we’re ready to adapt as fast as you are.

Trial Technology

Where can Trial Technology Assist you?

Mock Trials

Our technicians are experienced in preparing for, setting up for and providing trial technician services in mock trials whether they be in your offices or at a neutral location such as conference center.

Arbitration and Specialized Courts

KT Designs is experienced working in arbitration courts including JAMS resolution centers, FINRA, FERC, Bankruptcy Courts and the ITC.

State and Federal Court

KT Designs provides services nationwide and has experience working in State and Federal courtrooms and war rooms nationwide for both jury and bench trials.

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Trial Technology

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About the Company

KT Designs, LLC is a privately owned company that opened its doors in late 2007 to offer a range of consulting services for the legal and corporate industries. At its core, KT Designs is built on the belief that our clients deserve the best representation without having to break the bank. We embrace technological advancements that save clients both time and money while seeking out and partnering with the most accomplished talent in the trial consulting industry.