Privacy Statement is owned and operated by KT Trial Consulting & Information Designs, LLC (“KT Designs”). KT Designs collects personal and non-personal information through its website and during the course of projects it is hired to complete. KT Designs is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and employees. We have created this Privacy Statement in order to describe and explain our information collection practice. If you have any questions or concerns in connection with our information collection practice summarized in this Privacy Statement, please send an email, with the subject heading “Privacy Statement Inquiry,” to In the email, please state your questions or concerns. Your concerns matter to us and we will respond as soon as possible.

The Information We Collect

When providing information via the KT Designs website, you may be asked to provide your full name, employer, email address, and phone number. Our newsletter service tracks when emails are opened and what content is of interest to our subscribers, as well as broad location information for marketing purposes. Depending on the service you need, necessary branding or case information may require further personal information from you and your clients. KT Designs also retains the personal information of some of its employees for company and tax purposes.

Privacy Statement

How and Where Your Information is Used

Once a project is completed, the work done by KT Designs is stored securely off of the Cloud. Cloud services we do use only house materials for short periods of time with the purposes of transferring materials to and from clients. All third party venders used by KT Designs comply with the rules set forth under GDPR.

KT Designs uses some of the material created for our clients in marketing materials, usually pairing these samples with the contextual information; in most of these materials we remove major references to the company or individual for which the samples were made. Personal and location information allows us to decide which markets will most benefit from our services. Generally the use of names and employers are only used in marketing materials in the form of pre-approved and voluntarily provided testimonials.

Don’t Want Your Information Used?

KT Designs will request your permission before using information unless consent has been established in some other way, such as in service contracts or other agreements.  If you need to update your information have concerns about the use of your information, or do not wish to have previous work displayed, please contact with the subject heading “Personal Information Inquiry.” We are happy to help resolve any potential issues and strive to validate the trust our clients place in us.

If you have already reached out to us and for any reason were not able to come to a satisfactory solution, we encourage you to contact the GDPR Supervisory Authority representing your EU Member State as stated in Articles 77 and 78.


By using the KT Designs website and newsletter service, you consent to the storage, processing, and use of relevant personal information for the purposes stated above. Any and all other terms that may be set forth via service contracts do not override this consent unless specifically stated.

This privacy statement was updated June 30th, 2018. If changes are made at any point in the future, they will be reflected on our website and KT Designs will alert all subscribers via our mailing service. KT Designs believes that all its clients should be aware of what information it collects, how it is used, and under what circumstances, if any, it is disclosed.


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About the Company

KT Designs, LLC is a privately owned company that opened its doors in late 2007 to offer a range of consulting services for the legal and corporate industries. At its core, KT Designs is built on the belief that our clients deserve the best representation without having to break the bank. We embrace technological advancements that save clients both time and money while seeking out and partnering with the most accomplished talent in the trial consulting industry.