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Every case is different; every client has specific needs. Even when not working an active project, KT Designs cares about the success of its clients. To this end we believe that adept communication, implementing processes and procedures will:

  1. Prevent errors
  2. Increase efficiency
  3. Streamline effort in every project

Below are some general processes we utilize internally and recommend to our clients to encourage efficiency.


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Litigation Graphics Project Process:

A barebones outline used by KT Designs to best accommodate our legal clients at every stage of casework.


Litigation Life Cycle:

The range of trial services provided by KT Designs, how our team communicates and our services collaborate with the whole trial team at each stage of the litigation lifecycle.


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KT Trial Consulting & Information Designs, LLC
P.O. Box 274
Hendersonville TN 37077

KT Designs is a privately owned company that operates on the ideals of honesty, integrity and transparency. We are devoted to the personal and intellectual growth of our employees and clients, and to facilitating continued learning in our audiences on the most complicated of topics. We consider our clients’ satisfaction and confidentiality above all else.