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Reliance on experts in the legal field persuades a judge that a case is worthy of the court’s time, but at KT Designs we put to use the knowledge of our experts in everyday situations as well as on the stand.  After working closely with law firms for several years our team acknowledges that though some experts testify to great effect, many of these experts are just as important to our non-legal customers. Our partners and in house experts put their years of firsthand experience to work on your projects.

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We have experts on hand in the following fields and more:


  • Legal Consulting Experts
  • Demonstrative Experts
  • eDiscovery Experts
  • Marketing Experts
  • Programming and Coding Experts
  • Corporate Design and Branding Experts
  • Mechanical Engineering Experts
  • Information Technology Experts
  • Info Assurance and Security Experts

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KT Designs, LLC
611 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E. #102
Washington D.C., 20003

KT Designs is a privately owned company that operates on the ideals of honesty, integrity and transparency. We are devoted to the personal and intellectual growth of our employees and clients, and to facilitating continued learning in our audiences on the most complicated of topics. We consider our clients’ satisfaction and confidentiality above all else.