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The best way to prepare for any project, but especially trials, is to be organized. A trial checklist and timelines are invaluable organization tools, ensuring every team member is cognizant of the tasks they must complete and assuring deadlines are made on time.

KT Designs utilizes many internal forms, timelines and checklists. Some forms, such as our consulting reports and trial timelines, are created specifically for each project and tailored to that matter’s needs. Our Trial checklist, however, is more generalized and can be utilized for most cases.

Trial Checklist provides the following guidance:

  • Tasks to be completed 120 – 90 days prior to trial
  • Tasks to be completed 90 – 60 days prior to trial
  • Tasks to be completed 60 – 45 days prior to trial
  • Tasks to be completed 45 – 30 days prior to trial
  • Tasks to be completed 30 – 15 days prior to trial
  • Tasks to be completed 15 – 7 days prior to trial
  • Tasks to be completed 7 – 2 days prior to trial

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    KT Designs, LLC is a privately owned company that opened its doors in late 2007 to offer a range of consulting services for the legal and corporate industries. At its core, KT Designs is built on the belief that our clients deserve the best representation without having to break the bank. We embrace technological advancements that save clients both time and money while seeking out and partnering with the most accomplished talent in the trial consulting industry.